Thembe has led creative writing and performance workshops for over five years. She has facilitated sessions for charity sector professionals, young children, community groups and classrooms across various projects including: History, Her Story, Their Story, Our Story, Gold and Ashes and JW3’s award nominated  Open Door project and Apples and Snakes  SPINE festival 2018 as poet in residence at Wealdstone library in north west London.


“Something that surprised me was how everyone opened up, that created trust for me to start talking about myself.” – Creative Storytelling, Gold and Ashes

“We were very impressed by her creativity in teaching, her professionalism and of course, her incredible talent. We hope she comes back soon!” – Verse and Prose

“Thembe is a talented and committed poet and workshop facilitator who sparked a real interest in the students’ minds about poetry and expressing themselves through spoken word. She engaged with the students thoughtfully and they were inspired by her own poetry pieces which she shared to demonstrate the use of various poetic techniques. Overall it was a real pleasure working with Thembe and we hope to work with her again in the future.” – JW3